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Building the Church Community One Cup at a Time at The Daily Java

By Daily Java on June 18, 2015


With the beginning of the new century, more and more churches are finding new ways to build fellowship within their congregations and communities. The coffee house age has entered our churches at a rapid rate, but is a coffee house in your church a good idea? The short answer is: probably yes, if done correctly.



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Since 1995, The Daily Java has been providing customers with products, equipment, training and guidance so they could become successful as a cafe.

Our vision is Building a Community One Cup at a Time. We believe that a cafe that is set-up and run correctly creates a culture for its patrons; a community that bonds them. Through the decades, we have seen the success and growth of cafes in creating fellowship through coffee, tea, smoothies, frappes and their culture. We have used our knowledge to support the success of independent cafes, corporate chains, churches and schools. The Daily Java is regularly published and quoted in magazines and we have spoken at numerous seminars and breakout sessions on the DOs and DON'Ts of building and running a successful cafe. We realize that every cafe is different and that one size does not fit all. Let us provide your cafe with the equipment products and service to create the culture you want.

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